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Penny Auctions

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Penny auctions are a type of online auction website which people use to get popular items at
extreme bargain prices.A penny auction website typically works as follows- Buyers bid penny
increments on items they would like to have, each time someone bids on an item , the time of the
auction increases in pre-determined increments.
Penny auction websites can provide companies the opportunity to sell their overstock merchandise
at an extreme discount via the penny auction website platform. Each penny auction website operates
differently than the next, each providing their own unique twist and turns to this ever growing

Penny Auctions for Businesses - Click Here Now !

These penny auction sites primary focus for businesses is to provide a powerful online marketplace
for businesses to supply discounted and overstock items for buyers.Some of the businesses use the
penny auction websites to sell outdated, surplus, or other products to test the markets for new
products. Seeing how penny auctions offer extremely discounted products via their high traffic
online marketplaces, compounded by the potential opportunities for making new sales from another
advertising and marketing channel, penny auction websites can prove to be fairly lucrative for
businesses looking to offload products and merchandise fast.

Penny Auctions for Buyers - Click Here Now !

If you are interested in buying products through a penny auction website, there are a few things
you should take into consideration. Such as, when making a bid on a specific product, you will
need to select the highest amount you are willing to pay for the individual auctions. You can then
sometimes set an auto bidding feature on your selected product auctions. Although most of the
penny auction websites operate very similar to one another, a person should always each penny
auction websites terms of service, privacy policies, disclaimers, and any other relevant pages
pertaining to how each individual penny auction website functions and operates. You can save
yourself loads of wasted time, effort, and money on illegitimate penny auction websites easily by
simply reading the proverbial “fine print” and doing a little due diligence on each penny auction
website you plan on using.

Online penny auctions definitions

-Bid Increment-
the bid amount of which you increase a bid.
-Escrow service-
A third party company that holds money in trust until the merchandise or service is delivered.
Merchant Account/Merchant Payment Processor Services- Are third party merchant payment systems
which makes it possible for the sellers to accept credit card/debit card payments and make
-Maximum(proxy) bid-
The maximum amount you are willing to pay for any specific product. Most penny auction websites
allow for automatic bidding for you until your maximum price is reached.
Reserve price -
The reserve price is the lowest price that a business is willing to take for any product.
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Zeek Rewards Compensation

ZeekRewards Reviewed

Click Here to Learn How to Save Up to 90% off Retail Sign Up Now !!! Have you ever seen or heard of ZeekRewards ? ZeekRewards is a very unique program which allows people to sign up and refer friends and family to make money. Zeek Rewards is recent MLM business opp which is based off of and leveraged through its penny auction site, as its main business model. Zeek Rewards reviews offers numerous marketing channels with unique twists and turns to make money through numerous mediums. This legitimate work from home opportunity works in a number of different ways, and are as follow-

Zeek Rewards – Selling Products

Zeek Rewards works in numerous ways promoting affiliate offers for other affiliate networks via its subsidiary website Zeekler. Zeek rewards representatives or affiliates have the option to earn “rewards” on every retail bid they sell to new customers as well as each and every “VIP Bid” they purchase and give away to new customers, new affiliates, or existing affiliates within ones downline. Sign Up Now !!!

Zeek Rewards and Zeekler Penny Auction Websites

The Zeekler website operates as a penny auction website, similar to qbids . Zeekler Bidders can bid on merchandise and ultimately save upwards of up to 90% off typical retail charges. After someone has bid on a product, the price of said product goes up increments of 1 penny at a time, hence the name “penny auction websites”. Every time a user places a bid, the auction timer for said product auction, increases by twenty seconds to allow other bidders the chance to win the product auction.

Zeek Rewards Compensation Programs

Can you really generate a lucrative revenue from the zeekrewards programs ? At the end of every zeekrewards business day, zeek rewards reviews and calculates the entire progress and earnings that are generated from the entire zeekrewards network. The basis for these calculations are as follows- total auction sales, store merchandise sales, monthly affiliate renewals, all bid sales, cumulatively calculated with revenues; of which are divided between qualified affiliates of zeekrewards. The Zeek Rewards compensation plan employs a two by five forced matrix affiliate program. Meaning the more people you refer and properly train, the more people would be added to your downline, in turn increasing your Zeek Rewards affiliate program earnings. The Zeek rewards Retail Profit Pool distributes 50% on the each days earnings among participating qualified affiliates. A qualified zeek rewards affiliate is as follows- you will need to be the rank of a Silver affiliate or higher and have purchased a minimum of 10 VIP bids. The ZeekRewards Retail Profit Pool Compensation Plan pays anywhere from a half percent up to two percent. Sign Up Now !!!
How to make money with the ZeekRewards Affiliate Program
There are currently six methods of making money with the zeekrewards affiliate program and are as follows- 1- Zeekrewards auction bid packages - Affiliates earn commissions of 20% on customer’s retail bid purchases. 2- Selling products and merchandise from your personal retail store. Affiliates earn commissions on the sale of products inside your retail store. Simply refer customers to your special zeekrewards store front URL and earn commissions from all sales made through your personal storefront. 3- The Zeekrewards Retail Profit Pool- All qualified zeekrewards affiliates earn additional rewards through this special profit sharing program so long as you post your free ad each and every day. Qualified Zeek rewards affiliates can earn earn as much as 10% on every single VIP bid purchased by any of your direct sponsored affiliates, while all 2nd tier commissions earn as much as 5% of their personal sponsored affiliate bid pack purchases. 4- ZeekRewards Retail Subscription Earnings- Affiliates will also earn 20% monthly retail commissions on all sales by sponsored affiliates within your downline. The 20% is according to the affiliates monthly subscription value. 5- Zeekrewards Shopping Daisy Applications: Zeek rewards affiliates may also earn affiliate commissions through a number of shopping applications by simply giving away the zeekrewards application at no cost to new users. 6- ZeekRewards Compensation Forced Matrix: Zeekrewards affiliates can also earn a lucrative residual income of up to $3.50/month for all paid subscribers within your downline on top of a very healthy unlimited* matching bonus. As with all affiliate programs, work at home jobs, and online money making opportunities- skepticism is always a deciding factor. The reality of the ZeekRewards Affiliate program is this, sign up for free , place your daily ad, refer some friends, and see what happens.... we can assure you that the more money and effort you put into the program, the more money you will make, if done so properly.

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